Whats up man Help me Please

i have been plateauing lately on my workouts and I am having trouble moving up in my bench press, which is highly important to me, and also just feeling that everything is very repetitive. I’m doing cardio now and i am trying to build a lot of muscle and look good overall. I want strength and tone and i am willing to do whatever it takes. Just some advice would be very appreciated man. Thank you

Well, review your supplements, try something new.. Have you triend A50 from BPI yet?

Also, if you bench is stuck, try to move your measuring point. I would bet you are saying your 1 rep max is the same as it has been… So be it. Say your Max is 300 lbs, you probably are pushing 245 for 8 reps then and 275 for 4 or 5 reps. Spend a little time here; see if you can get 245 for 9 or 10 reps, or see if you can get 255 for 8 reps. Same thoughts at the 275 level. This way, when you come back to looking at your 1 rep max your foundation is better and the top-end numbers can go up.



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