losing weight

I don’t want to bulk up or get big muscles i would just like to look good and healthy. With all the diets and supplements out there it is hard to know what to use. I would just like to lose weight and keep it off the healthy way instead of starving myself like i use to. Serving in the military i do plenty of cardio along with muscle endurance, what would you recommend? Thank you for your time.

First thing I would say is don’t be sacred to lift heavy. I know you said you don’t want to “bulk up” bit I can assure you it takes a very long time to bulk up and it is not the type of thing that just sneaks in on you. The thing is you burn crazy calories lifting heavy, and any muscle mass you add will help to burn calories/fat off your body, adding muscle is like adding wood to a fire. Muscle is “anabolic” in that it requires calories to exist (while fat stores do not), so the more muscle you have the more your body will be a calorie burning machine.

Also, if I were to look into the supplement world, I would recommend a good, strong pre-workout product. You know I am with BPI so 1MR is the one I recommend, but I do not want o just push product. I make this recommendation though because one side benefit of a pre-workout is that the energy the product delivers last a few hours. That is a few hours while your heart rate and metabolic rate are up – meaning you will be burning more calories – and you’ll have great workouts.

Hope this helps – please feel free to post follow up ?’s if you git them.



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