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I’m just beginning to workout, and I would like to get help in purchasing supplement’s. My goal is to lose 20-30lbs, I currently weigh 228lbs. I’m not trying to compete in any bodybuilding competitions, but I do wanna look the part. I’m looking for supplements that give me mass-and strength gain, increased muscle endurance & energy, muscle building, and FAT BURNING!!

Thank you, Tyrone

P.S. I was looking into buying Optimum nutrition performance stack….do you think that’s all I need to reach my goals?

Anyone just starting out should start with a good protein supplement. BPI makes SuperPro which is great and there are a lot of options.

Second for your goals, a good pre-workout… Remember pre workouts have some of the key muscle building ingredients and give you a lot of eneregy, and this eneregy in turn kicks the metabolism up and burns more calories. It is like a double whammy – have a great muscle building workout and burn even more calories than you would.

Do your self a favor and try 1MR from BPI, it will help in your goals.



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