Hi chris,

My name is also chris and I am a young adult in Canada and I have been lifting for aboit 3 years now. Over the past two months or so, it seems as though I have lost all motivation to hit the weights. I used to love that burn you get after that extra rep, but now I can’t seem to be able to put up that one extra. I don’t know if maybe I’m distracted or if I’m just being lazy, but do you have any tips from when you were younger in order to stay motivated?

Thank you very much,


All I can tell you is this… Life is a long journey and interests, people, things will come and go. Exercise is important, you may not have the drive right now, but you may get it back. Stay active and stay healthy.

For me, feeling my pants get tight or my bench dip a pit is all the motivation I need to keep it going.



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