Dear Chris,

       I'm 48 yrs. old and want to get back into the shape I was when I got married 17yrs. ago. I'm 5' 9" tall about 220lbs. and have put together a small home gym. My funds are limited so joining a gym is out. My question is that I hope you could recommend a supplement or two that could help me build respectable muscle for my age and help me lose around 30 to 40lbs. I lift 3 to 4 times a week and walk 3.5 miles 6 days a week. I see so many adds that I'm just plain confused. I know I could benefit with some help. I have currently lost 28lbs to date by just adjusting my diet and walking. I've only re-introduced the weights about a month ago 

                  Thank you
                           Jeff Eastman

First off for the supps, a good protein supplement is a must… We make SuperPro which is great, but there are plenty others. I said a similar thing in another Q&A but a good pre work supplement would also fit the bill. Most pre workouts, like BPI’s 1.M.R, have muscle building ingredients to help build/preserve muscle and energy components, to make sure your workout are always good. The side benefit is that the energy part also kicks your metabolism up and gets you burning more calories and helps to get lean.

On the workout side of things, keep the pace of the workout fast and take most sets to failure.

Hope this helps.



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