Building Mass

Hi Chris, I’m testing out this Q&A service, so here goes nothin.

So I’m 24 years old, and have been lifting on a regular basis for about the last 7 years. I usually work out about twice a week, but come summer time its more like 5 times a week. But my question is related to building mass, which seems to be a problem for me. I’m 5'8", about 145lbs, and never seem to be able to put on mass the way I’d like to be. I’ve got a pretty solid build, but I would love to bulk up a bit. I don’t know if its as simple as changing sets/reps or If i need to eat more or what? I take a half serving of cytosport’s cytogainer before and after lifting. And during the summer months I’ll take a creatine supplement in addition to protein. Any useful advice for an experienced lifter that can’t pack on the pounds?

Creatine will help for sure… Lifting twice a week is not really enough to push your body to grow. You need to be in the gym like 4 times a week for a long time to get real mass packed on.

Also – are you doing the tuff stuff, squats, deadlifts, cleans? if you want to get some mass you need to work on it.



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