Where should I start?

I’m a 22 years old woman, I really need and want to build muscle. I’m reading every kind of stuff about it, I’m living in a small city and there isn’t a really good trainer here who should help me, because I’m a special case. I’m only 46 kg (101 lbs), I need to gain weight first I guess, but I didn’t find a working diet for me, not even a nutritionist. So my question is again: where should I start? Could you recommand me some kind of diet? The fact is that I can eat anything and as much as I can, I don’t seem to gain too much, I’ve never been over 51 kg (I’m 162 cm – 5'3 tall) and I’m getting disappointed.

Without knowing you personally, and not being an RD myself, I wouldn’t really be able to give you a nutrition program. However, there are programs out there that are free, or a minimal fee that can be of great use. One that I have my clients on is www.myfitnesspal.com . It has a free app for your phone. You can program all your information and set it to your goal (ie: weight gain) and log your food. It will also tell you to eat more to make up for what you use during your workouts, which is crucial. It will give you guidelines for your carbs, protein and fats. Of course, you want to make sure it is quality food. Also, for a small fee, sign up for the M&F Trainer full site. You can also provide your info and goals and get a workout/lifting program to help you. It is awesome! Also app for your phone, all exercises are demonstrated. I have been using it myself now for 4 months with great results. Hope that helps – Good Luck! ;)