training your glutes

i do squats, lunges , deadlifts, kickbacks walking lunges and leg pressess. do you have any other ideas on how to make my backside rounder and higher? i walk on an inlcine and do the stairs for cardio

I JUST so happen to have written an article today on Great Glutes for the New Year! (You can find my article on, and through my website)

There are many different kinds of squats and lunges. The top ones in my article are: Basic squats(come down as LOW as you can while keeping your chest up and your knees behind your toes), alternating front lunges, bench step ups, sumo/pliƩ squats, side lunges, Romanian deadlifts and Bulgarian split squats(one-legged squat with foot on bench). I actually used the Workout Trainer video for the Deadlift. Those are my current favorites, and they are in my Workout Trainer Program.

Now, HOW you do them is JUST as important. If you are looking to BUILD the butt, I would do shorter sets of higher weights. Most of these exercises can be done with either a barbell or a set of dumbells. I like to do about 4 exercises(2 supersets) and go heavy. I do 2 leg workouts a week.

You are right on about the cardio, a high incline brisk walk on the treadmill is good, better is that Stairclimber. Make sure you are using the full movement, skip steps, turn to the side, that machine is great!

Hope that helps – Happy Training! ;)