Female muscle building

I’m a female Trainer recently recovered from an illness And would like to try body building. I finally just got Back to my pre illness weight (128)and the current weight I  Was lifting. I’m a great strength lifter (35 lb ea dumbbell  Presses, 25 lb ea bicep curls, 210 lb squats etc). But I’m not physically producing The physical results I hoped to see.  My calories are around 2,-2400, carbs 250, protein 140. Fat usually less than 60 a day.  I train each body part once a week mostly low rep high wt (Upper body 3 sets 6-8) ( legs 3 sets 15) But on occasion will throw in a set of high reps. Info online is overwhelming and contraindicating Low wt high reps/ heavy wt low reps on each site.  I think I just need to start over and get advice from A pro.  Any suggestions that you can provide I will Adhere to 100 percent even if it means going lighter On my wts.  Weight lifting is my passion !! Thanks !! Vickie

Hello! I know it IS super overwhelming! Basically, the textbook answer for hypertrophy(building) your rep range should be between 6-12 reps.