Please explain the differences in different female bodybuilding classes; bikini, fitness, figure

Bodybuilding is separate and there are Women’s Physique and Bodybuiding catagories that are generally more muscular and leaner.

Bikini: 1-round Performs a front and a back pose, more playful and fluid. Wears heels & bikini.Comparisons based on Balance & shape.

Figure: 1-round Performs a series of quarter turns, more flexed. Wears heels & bikini. Small degree of muscular separation, with no striations. Overall firmness but not excessively lean.

Fitness: 2-rounds Round one, similar to Figure Round two: 2 minute fitness routine

All three are separated into classes by height. They present and are compared at pre-judging and awarded at Finals. *For other organizations, the rules and criteria(along with photos) can be found on each website.