Capped Shoulders

Hi Nicole! I have been following your progress and look up to you as a figure competitor and fitness professional! I have a question for you about creating the look of capped shoulders that figure competitors have. Do you have favorite exercises or a favorite routine specifically for building mass for shoulders? Thanks so much! ~ Cori Ann

Thanks so much! Yes, shoulders are a very important part of a Figure competitor’s routine. I personally devote a day just for them. Sometimes, if they are a little behind I know girls(me included) have had 2 shoulder workouts in their weekly routine.

You always want to work all three sections of the deltoid: anterior(front), medial(middle) and posterior(back). Here are some of the ones that I use in my workout rotations: Anterior Alternating front raises (DB’s or cables) Overhead press (DB’s) Upright rows (BB)

Medial Lateral/side raises(DB’s or cables) – on this one I sometimes have a very slight lean forward to really see it work. *the ‘cap’ and creates that little “V” where it ties in part way down the arm.

Posterior Bent over reverse flies Reverse pec dec, palms down Reverse flies leaning on an inclined bench *very underused in daily activity and great for posture.