question# 1

I would love to look and feel great about my body. I’m a mother of two children. The youngest is 2. I have been doing bootcamps and my own cardio workouts. I have seen weight loss but not enough. I want to be tone and have abs. What would u say is the best way to get a overall body workout and see the results u want?

What a great example for your children! Seeing my mom and eventually joining her in her workouts led me to what I do today! There are a lot of things that can affect weight loss, and they are not the same for everyone. A few key things to note are: Are you doing enough cardio? I usually recommend about 3-4 hrs of cardio a week for weight loss. (That is, of course, in conjunction with a good diet.) Are you doing too much cardio? Not as common, but I have had clients that do a LOT of cardio and it actually hinders their progress and their body tries to conserve nutrients, especially if they are doing more cardio then they are feeding their body to sustain. Also, making sure you have a rest day. Is your diet clean? Losing weight is not easy. A clean diet is the best way to go, but you gotta be serious about it. Know what you are putting into your body, and the energy you are putting out. Fresh fruit, veggies, lean meats(home-cooked), whole grains are the way to go. It’s really hard to go wrong on a clean diet. So those are the main points. Workout hard, rest, and eat clean! ;)