Training for "Older Women"...

Nicole…in your opinion, what is THE best way for post menopausal women(64), who have been active with cardio/resistance for a few years, to lose 10 pounds of body fat while ‘leaning out’ what muscle is left on their “older” body?? Thanks!

Ah, age is in the eye of the beholder! ;) I stick by the tried and true, lift hard, do some solid cardio, and eat clean. You definitely have to really listen to your body. Some things that worked before might now work so well now, and that’s part of the ongoing self-discovery process. Definitely change your routine if you haven’t done so in a while. Once I know someone is familiar with the gym, I do like doing split workouts with them. I vary mine between 3-4 day splits, depending on my time and current goal. I fit my cardio in between.

Diet is 80% of our struggle and our success, so that’s the first place I look. And if you feed your body right, it will fuel your workouts. I would also say, to lean out and keep what muscle you have, make sure you dont cut calories too drastically. Take your time, aim for just a pound a week or so. That way you can minimalize the amount of muscle you lose as you lose the weight. Hope that helps! ;)