Hi Nicole just love your photo its motivation. I have been stepping up my weights lately to lose bodyfat but am struggling with losing the kilos around my middle any suggestions, i eat fairly clean most of the time and dont drink alcohol alot but am still struggling even with adding 3 cardio sessions a week, im 47years old and 5ft 3in and weigh around 58 to 60 kilos.Looking forward to hearing from you,


Hi! Thanks so much! Well, diet is definitely KEY. When trying to lose weight, it amounts to how much you put in = how much you succeed. When you are trying to lose weight, it is hard. Our bodies tend to become a certain way over time, then they maintain that, so we have to try pretty hard to break the pattern. You want to commit 100% to your goal. The FIRST thing I knock out on any diet is alcohol. I’m not saying you can ‘never drink again’, but you definitely want to take it out temporarily. Not only is it excess calories with no nutrition, but its affect on the body, your metabolism, hydration, etc takes its toll on a diet. I’d rather someone cheat with food.

Now, if you are having trouble getting your cardio in, diet becomes especially important because it is your main way to lose. So again, commit to it. Be completely clean and it will happen. In my off-season I still eat many of my competition foods, with occasional cheats. But I can’t lose that way-not until I commit 100%. You’re body will lose the weight as it pleases, which is unfortunately the place you want it the most ends up being last, so hang in there! Good luck! ;)