Eating clean

A few recipes in the latest issues call for canned ingredients like beans and corn. Are those items still considered okay on a “clean” diet? Thank you!

A Clean Diet is anything derived from nature, a single ingredient. The best way to check that out is to read the label. What are the ingredients? Can you pronounce them or know what they are? When I’m eating clean I do sometimes switch to frozen fruits or veggies that may be out of season, making sure they have no added sugars or sodium. Just fresh frozen.

Canned food tends to have a lot more preservatives and sodium and not something I use on my clean diet. You should definitely be able to switch out those portions for fresh corn and beans.

I highly recommend checking out Tosca Reno’s series on “The Eat-Clean Diet”. Not only is she very thorough, but she provides a lot of recipes as well. ;)