Last bit of blubber

Coach Nic, I am pretty active and eat pretty clean. I carry most of any weight in and around my lower abdomen and hips. Its like i have a layer of chub that just wont go away. I can see abs but its not flush. Any suggestions?

It’s very common for someone to carry a certain amount of weight in one area versus uniformly, whether it results in an ‘apple’ or ‘pear’ shaped body. When targeting problem areas, it’s definitely a challenge. While you can work the muscles underneath, you can’t ‘spot lose’ what’s covering it. Diet is key. Many times people do a lot of cardio, in excess even, in lieu of having a better diet. Making sure you are eating natural unprocessed foods is the best way to get lean. “If you can pick it, kill it, or catch it” is a good rule to follow. (Unless your vegetarian! lol) Keeping your calories in check while you are trying to lose this covering is also key and there are many great sites out there that can help you keep track. The Muscle & Fitness trainer Nutrition is SO great in that it shows you how close you are in getting your daily nutrients which I have not seen elsewhere.

Ok, now, here’s the part that defies my nutrition training in a way, beyond calories in/calories out. If your eating clean, the right amount of calories and working out as needed I can tell you what I do for myself. As I get closer to competition in my training, we lower the carbs to drop water and some fat, especially in the mid-section. I find that when I keep my higher sugar carbs(fruit as an example) to the first couple meals, or less servings it helps with that area. Many suggest limiting your carbs later in the day and I find that also works for me. Every body is different, and different things work for different people. Good luck! ;)