have gained 40 pounds since menopause, in my attempts to lose it i think i have screwed up my entire metabolism, doesn’t help i had my thyroid removed 20 years ago. any suggestions, my energy levels stink, really feel like crude

Many times in desparation people try fad diets, crazy diets or worse. There is nothing harder as a trainer to try to tell someone who is overweight that they actually have to eat MORE food. I’ve had clients come to me after these roller-coasters and they are literally eating lettuce and doing 45mins of cardio. The best recommendation I can give would be to be as healthy as you can be, #1. Modify your Lifestyle first and the rest will come. Eat Clean. Eat Breakfast. Don’t go longer than 3hrs between meals-yes that’s 5-6 smaller meals throughout the day. Your body is better able to process food that way while keeping your energy levels up. Stick to whole grain carbs or veggies. Processed foods can also cause a lull in energy, or sugars which creat a rush then a crash. Exercise, ACSM guidelines for cardio are 150mins/week of moderate intensity, and strength training 2-3x/wk. Also, I would utilize either the Nutrition program on this site, or check at for your daily calorie and nutrient requirements.

I can’t be sure your exact situation, but I would definitely consult your doctor or OB/GYN for some assistance in this as they would definitely have more expertise in the area of the thyroid and hormone levels.