Abs, Tris, Hips & Thighs!

Coach Nic, I am FINALLY nearing my fitness goal. I can see the outlines and definition of muscles. However, my third and last son was delivered by a c-section nearly 5 years ago and that has my lower abs pudgy. My upper abs are somewhat defined and noticeable but the lower is upsetting! I have a little extra around the triceps and little extra on the hips and inner thighs! When I started eating ‘clean’ and every three hours, voila! I started shrinking. What ‘type’ of routine should I follow for maximum results? Should I talke supplements? I am not a fan of cardio! Thanks alot!

Congratulations on getting so close! Now it’s a matter of fine-tuning which I think is kinda the fun part! Lower abs are definitely tough, and definitely cleaning up the diet and watching those extra carbs can make a huge difference. Of course, you can’t spot lose, and the places you want to lose fat are typically going to be the last to go. I have recently started incorporating the Stair Mill into my ‘cardio’ workouts as it is really good for legs. I am also not a big cardio person, but it is necessary to aid in dropping fat and also in your general and cardiac health. I definitely like to lift heavy and as you build muscle things will get tighter. If you are really adamant on doing less cardio, you could do your weights in a circuit fashion where you superset while eliminating the rest between the 2 exercises. You are still lifting a lot of weight, but keeping the hear rate up. Doing hanging leg raises and planks are good ways to work the abs, isolating the lower area. Also Swiss Ball ‘transporters’ where you pass from hands to feet and back again. Make sure you engage and use proper breathing techniques to really activate those muscles! The cardio doesn’t always have to be your max performance. Because my diet is so clean during my training, I am able to get away with less cardio. It really depends on your body.

With supplements it’s really a personal choice. I’ve always recommended a protein shake and a multi-vitamin, and that’s about it. But as I’ve ramped up my training and dieting again, I’ve found I needed a little more. Muscle&Fitness Hers just posted an article about Creatine for women which is good. I do recommend a post-workout shake, one with some quick absorbing protein, carbs and BCAA’s. It may be a higher calorie content(BSN Syntha-6 is around 200cals) so I count it as a meal. Keep lifting hard and building and you will get firmer, especially if there is any lose skin it helps to put something under it to tighten it up ;)Hope that helps and I wish you continued success in your journey! :)