Training help needed

Hi… I have been training for a few years now, I have good guns strong legs and I train 5x per week. I need to some advice, I want to lose fat I hold it around the middle I always have! It drives me it won’t go. I’ve stared cardio 3x per week doing spinning as didn’t used to do much cardio, but with the weights I do full body twice a week lower to upper with no rest. I’ve lightened the weight as used to lift heavy. With my diet I slip because I get bad sweet cravings and can never last over a month! Would you suggest doing a split routine when weight training? Or full body? I want to get lean And drop the fat. Am I over training? Please help! Thank you

Hi! Yes, the middle area is definitely a toughy for people. That or the thigh/hip area. 5x/wk is a good amount of training. You definitely want at least one day off a week, depending on how you lift.I’m not sure why you lightened the weight…maybe you switched to more of a circuit training style and its always great to switch it up. You definitely want to lift however much you can while maintaining proper form.

Cardio and diet are going to be KEY. Especially the sweets are going to affect that mid-section. For weight loss I usually start people on 4x/wk cardio. If you haven’t been doing it, you can start with 3hrs/wk, and work up to 4hrs/wk. The strength training you could do 3x/wk, making sure you take at least one day off(or cardio only) in between.

I can totally relate about the sweet cravings. But, once you are on a “diet”(i don’t really like that word) but if you are eating clean after about a week, those cravings usually go away. A few things i like to do is have tea with Splenda(so many fun flavors!) and oolong tea is shown to help burn up to 60 extra cals a day! I’ll add pumpkin spice and cinnamon to my vanilla protein shake. or add berries to my shakes with vanilla soy/almond milk. or to my oatmeal. Lots of healthy ways to get those sweets. But you gotta be ON track to make those changes. The more on track you are, the more you change. Then if something doesnt work, you can change one thing at a time vs starting and stopping and restarting. Now, I’m going to say what works for me, when I’m training for a show, is I am on lower carbs, and they come from oatmeal, brown rice, sweet potatoes. Keep it very clean and natural. Hope that helps! ;)