Lose weight after pregnancy

Hi Nicole. I am currently pregnant & usually love the gym but I am not allowed to exercise since I’m high risk. Before I got pregnant I always had a hard time losing weight. I lift heavy and do cardio normally with no results. My diet is okay not perfect. I will probably have atleast 75lbs to lose to get where I am remotely satisfied. Any advice on how to start training and what to start with after the baby comes???

Well, hopefully you are breast-feeding and getting those good nutrients into your little one, and also burning some calories with that milk production. That will help. You will still want to eat healthy, and enough so that you can feed the baby. But diet is the first thing. It is very commonly said to be 80% of the struggle and the success! By eating clean foods, foods which are not overly processed, you can get a great start. Lean proteins, whole grains, green veggies, greek yogurt(higher protein, less sugar than regular), and berries for fruit would be a great start.

There are a lot of mommy&me groups out there, Stroller Strides, etc. That would be a great place to start where you could take your little one while still getting a workout, with others that understand if you need to take a break for diaper-changing or feeding. Also, aqua classes/swimming are great for cardio and endurance and toning. It’s an awesome full body workout.

You should be able to go back to your heavy lifting afterwards, dependent on your body. You’re body will bounce back, but you may need to start a little lower weights etc and ease back into your previous routine. Definitely go by how your body feels. Generally, for weight loss, I start my clients off at around 4hrs cardio per week. That can be machines, classes, whatever you like that gets your heart rate going 65 – 85% of your Max Heart Rate for your age and getting a good sweat going. Hope that helps! Good luck with your pregnancy and training! ;)