Fitness Model Workout and Diet books

I have a great workout and muscle base and am looking to possibly get into fitness modeling and would like additional diet ideas and ways to even out my physique. Do you have any recommendations of books that give workout and diet plans for getting ready for a competition?

Yes! What a timely question as just today I was looking at my stack and contemplating taking pics and putting them on my Facebook page! One of my Favorite coaches is Cathy Savage. She has worked with a TON of girls and has made a huge name for herself and her team. I have personally worked with her as my coach and attended 3 of her Savage Camps. Just checked it out and there are a bunch on there to choose from.

Others that I have are “Wicked & Wise” by Sandra Wickham & Michelle Wiseman (Sandra was my very first coach) and “Competing with Class” by Kary Odiatu.

So much to learn about yourself on this journey, wish you the best of luck! ;)