Nutrition before bed

Currently i like to drink a casein protein shake each night before i go to bed to feed my muscles while i sleep. The only problem is that i always have to wake up several times to pee during the night from drinking the shake before i go to sleep so i dont always feel rested in the mornings. Are there any other options for me to eat before i go to bed that will feed my muscles all through the night so im not waking up all night to pee?

Sure! Sometimes you can add just a little bit of water to your protein powder and make a pudding. Then you don’t have as much water, or drink a thicker shake(less water). Also try drinking it a little earlier before bed. If you are looking for meals, I like tilapia and asparagus, or you could just have the protein. Try to finish your water earlier in the day also. It’s a tough battle I know, lol. Good luck! ;)