I have a quick question for you. My wife has a terrible time with drinking whey protein and was wondering what you would suggest to help with that. She seems to be able to drink it as a fruit smoothie after a workout. If this is the case, what would be a good preworkout meal.

Thanks so much,


I am curious as to why she has a hard time drinking it? Maybe a different flavor or protein powder if its the taste. Or is she lactose intolerant? There are many kinds of lactose-free ones, such as Isopure and Cytomax. These can come in glass or plastic bottles as RTDs(ready to drink) and are like juice or punch. They taste GREAT! See if those will be better for her.

One of my favorite suggestions for a pre-workout would be a slice of whole-grain bread, such as Ezekiel Bread, with 1T all natural peanut or almond butter. It has complex carbs for long-sustained energy, plus a bit of fat and protein to keep you going. Hope that helps! ;)