should you change up your supplements every so often so your body doesn’t get used to them?

That is an interesting question. There are certain things your body can adjust to, like caffeine. If you take the same amount daily its affects will be less over time. Certain supplements are good no matter what such as glutamine, for recovery. I tend to try different things from time to time, sometimes I dont use caffeine unless I am dieting really hard and need the help with energy. Protein is protein so I don’t really count that, I count that more as food. If you find something that works for you, I would stick with it. If you don’t know or aren’t sure, then experiment and see if something else does. It definitely depends on what supplement you talk about. Creatine has different forms, and sometimes needs to by cycled so in that case you wouldn’t want to take the same amount all the time. I personally have products that I use and don’t change, for the most part.

I feel that so many great products are coming out, its not a bad idea to try them out once in a while. You can always come back to what you are comfortable with.

M&F has a lot of great reviews and articles on supplements, so check those out as well for more info on specific supplements. Hope that helps! ;)