new mommy23

Hello,I just had my first child c section 2 months ago and I currently weigh 148 and wanna lose 20lbs I never workout and I’m not very active .I’m also a at home mommy now who breastfeeds and I wanna get toned what should I start with and continue doing after? I’m interested in using your own body weight workouts..please help

Hi and congratulations on your little one! There are LOTS of things you can do with your own body weight and what you can use at home. There are also programs such as Stroller Strides that are a great way to exercise and meet other moms. Also, there are exercise channels on Cable or online that you can do, classes etc. A lot of the exercises on this Trainer site you can do, or modify to do at home.

There’s nothing better than the basics: Pushups Squats Lunges Crunches Planks Tricep dips off chair or couch Bicep curl(can use water jugs) Shoulder raises/presses Pull Ups (get a bar and you can start by stepping on bench, then lowering yourself slower, like doing it in revers)

You can find videos of a lot of these exercises on this site. Take the little one in the stroller for a walk or jog, eat clean & healthy (fruits, veggies, lean proteins, whole grains-the outsides of the grocery store)

Good luck and have fun! ;)