best bikini competition workout

Dear Nicole, my name is Esther and I live in the Netherlands. This year, december, I want to participate in a IFBB Bikini Competition for amateurs in the Netherlands. Thing is, I have no idea what the best training method is. I still have a lot of body fat to lose and also want to gain muscle… One person says one thing and a nother says something different. It’s all very confusing. I can make up my own schedule and I know most excercises, but maybe you can give me a tip about the number of sets and reps.

Hi Esther! This is a GREAT journey you are about to embark on! It is very tough, and that’s the beauty of the challenge and learning how your body responds. There is definitely a lot of info out there. I do recommend finding a coach at least your first time so you have someone to guide you through the prep. There are a lot of great trainers that train long distance as well. Everyone responds a bit differently. The key things are to:

Eat CLEAN – whole grains, veggies, lean proteins Lift HEAVY – no matter your sets x reps, you go as heavy as you can for that amount.

Some do 3x15, right now I’m on a pretty hard lifting routine, 4 x 8-10 Reps. Also depends on if you need to lean out, or build more.

You have plenty of time, so (again depending on where you are at) I would clean up your diet, and start you on a building phase. After a few months(sometimes my clients are still leaning out as they are building muscle), definitely at 12wks out, start your leaning program.

Try some of the programs on here as well. I just did one of the ab workouts and really like it.

You can always add my page on Facebook or check out my blog where I post clean recipes and lots of stuff on my contest prep! Just click my website above or search me by CoachNicT ;)