Supplements; what to take and when... and is what I'm taking good?

I recently embarked on a serious fitness journey; I lost 10 pounds in 3 months, I changed my lifestyle (my eating, sleep and fitness habits) and I’m almost to my fitness goal. Its awesome to see chiseled shoulders and a perky butt lol (or maybe you do). I can’t wait for summer!! Bikini TIME!!! So proud you have no idea!

I believe in supplements, especially since I eat clean, and put myself through 1 hour/2 hour workouts 5-6 days a week.

Lately, however, I feel really tired and out of it by the afternoon. I’m thinking maybe I am taking the wrong supplements or not enough.

Can you advise a supplement regimen for someone who workouts as much as I do and eats clean?

Currently here is my routine:


Wake up 6:30- Birth Control

Water/ Fat burner (like D4, OxyElite, and right now I am trying H4. Depending on what the bottle says, 1-2) 15-30 min before gym

Gym- 7AM-9AM Cardio (40-60Min) Strength (30-45 MIN)

Breakfast-B/w 9AM-10AM Water/Dissolving B12 tablet (1), bifidophilus (1-2)

Afternoon: Lunch- b/w 12-1

Snack- 3PM(3PM is typically when I crash! All I want to do is sleep!) Protein Shake made with water, side of fruit

PM Dinner- 6PM-7PM Bedtime Water/Vitamins (2) (I’m taking a multi from GNC for Active Women) Cranberry Supplement (1) (I take this bc I am prone to UTI’s-yes that sucks!) bifidophilus (1-2)

I am eating 5 times a day, I’m taking in the carbs and protein for my weight. I’m very particular about how much sugar I ingest too. I log everything!

*I take bifidophilus for my stomach. It helps with my digestive issues.

Thank you!!!

First of all, congratulations! That is AWESOME and yes, I totally understand! :D

Supplements are a great aide, but I would caution against relying on them completely. If your body is that tired, it may be trying to tell you something. It could be crashing as the Fat burner is wearing off, or you may have not had enough food earlier in the day. Also, I know there are benefits to am cardio on an empty stomach, but I would not lift on an empty stomach, think about a meal or snack in between if you can. Also, make sure you are getting 8 – 10 hrs of sleep.

Some supplements I would definitely recommend would be a post-workout shake. You want to get that protein (WHEY specifically post-workout) into your body so I would have the shake and fruit there, like as you leave the gym! Also, some BCAA’s, and glutamine for recovery. A lot of shakes or pre/post-workout drinks have those ingredients in them now. Hope that helps! Good luck rockin' that bikini! ;)