Help……….Which exercises will tone tighten and lift my glutes? I do a split leg workout twice a week and my quads and my legs are looking good except for the bottom part of the glutes. Any suggestions?

Thanks Laura

That is a great question! I myself have really had to work to build that area. I started with: -alternating front lunges w/db’s or also walking lunges -step ups on the bench w/db’s -incline leg press

I added a 2nd day to really help that area before my last show and it did! I added: -single leg squats this is a toughy! I use a smith machine to hold onto while standing on a bench on one leg. Other leg out I lower back and down. Arms are locked straight and that is the hardest part. This is important because you need to lean back to keep your knee from going forward! -Kettlebell squat thrusts. -Lunges to the side, with weight in the hand in front of you. other leg remains straight.

Hope that helps & happy booty building! ;)