Eating Clean and SUGAR CRAVINGS!!

Whats your best advice to fight sugar cravings? They get so bad sometimes that I lose the will power,cave and have a piece of chocolate (or 2) or indulge in a cookie or worse, Apple Jacks… (don’t ask… thats my husbands fault, he bought them). It kind of throws me off my program, and the scale makes me that more frustrated the next morning! And to top it all off, the cravings hit me after my last meal… after 8PM! Its so bad!!

Help!! I’ve come so far and I don’t want to blow it!!!

Oh that is my BIGGEST downfall! It’s so emotionally and mentally tied. Firstly, when I’m training I just don’t give myself the option. I have that ‘fear of god’ about getting on the stage in that bikini, lol. And I tell myself that I can’t have ‘one’, because I know I am bad at stopping. If you keep the sugars out, the cravings will subside.

It’s also nice to have a ‘cheat’, or as I like to say ‘treat’ meal once a week so that you don’t have that feeling of “i cant EVER have x again”.

Now if it’s just a mental thing, what I’ll do is reward myself with something like a added flavor to my water.(crystal light, etc)I have a 2.2L jug, and it won’t taste like anything with that much water, so it’s an incentive to down my water to get that good flavored water at the end of the day. If you are not competing you can add ‘cheater’ desserts, like sugar-free, fat-free pudding or jello. I try to stay away from those though as they aren’t real food and it tricks your body into thinking its sugar, but its not…so I tend to still have the cravings after that.

Sometimes if i can limit it to ONE sugar-free mint or such, but sometimes I just can’t and just toss them so I don’t have the option.

I have sweet treats, such as a greek yogurt with fruit, or if you can’t have fruit, a good protein shake at the end of the day that you like. Blend it with ice for a ‘milkshake’ or use very small amount of water to make ‘protein pudding’. Hope that helps – you can do it! ;)