How often should I do workouts primarily aimed at my abs? One person I know does them everyday, and my other friend said 2-3 times a week, every other day. Also, can you suggest some ab workouts that will tighten and tone my stomach? I feel like my normal routine has ran stagnant. My tummy is flat, but I crave more definition…(who doesn’t lol).

Unlike other muscles which you don’t want to overwork by working 2 days in a row, I have seen many ab routines vary. I usually do my abs on each lifting day. Even as little as 2-3x/week. My Program here on M&F Trainer has a 5 day lift routine, and I have abs every day! I am sore, but love it! I think it also depends on the type of exercises you do, whether you are doing weighted, or body weight, low rep, high rep etc. I am pretty basic, but most important to me is Rectus abdominus, which is your top layer that runs up and down. For that I’ll do either Ball crunches(try them with the tube as shown on this site, it’s killer!)or incline bench crunches and hanging leg raises. Occasionally I’ll throw in oblique work, but to a lesser extent. Some other fun ones I thrown in here and there: Pike on the ball, Pike on the ball with a twist(bringing your knees across as you pull in), reverse crunch on incline bench, plank is great-try bringing the knee out to the side as if you were sliding it up the floor(but a few inches above it) alternating side to side. Keep the hips steady. Of course when I get bored, I pull one of the workouts on here. Happy Training! ;)