Lower my BMI

Hey! My name is Jessica I am in the marine corps I thought it would be simple to loose belly fat. Now that I have researched and researched I cannot loose the weight. I implemented all the things I learned I cut my carbs took protein in amounts I am supposed to and ate healthy and didn’t shed an inch I have cut my carbs down to 40g for over a week and NOTHING. I do at least 30 to 1 hr of cardio a day mostly interval training and I lift also insanity and hip hop abs. What am I missing here? It seems like the only way for me to lose weight is to not eat and that is super unhealthy!! HELP???

There are many reasons a body may not shed fat the way we want it to. I see many girls busting their butts in the gym, and not eating enough and wondering why they won’t lose weight. If you don’t eat enough, your body will fight back and slow the metabolism down. If you don’t have enough fat in the diet, your body can’t lose fat. 40g carbs is pretty low, especially if you are not cycling them, but you are still doing your workouts. Remember your body and your brain use carbs as their primary fuel source. Sometimes I have to have girls stop trying to diet for a while, and learn to ‘maintain’. Get their body slowly used to eating what amount it should before trying to lean out again. Eating less and less is not the answer. Get back to a healthy maintenance point, where your workouts feel amazing and you are eating balanced meals before trying at it again. Then, change jut one variable at a time to see which works for you.