schedual change

Vince,How do I go from training in the morning to training at night and not feeling guilty about my post wrk out meals so late in the evenings(around 8pm) and going to bed around 11pm?

One of the biggest misconceptions in bodybuilding is that eating late in the evening will automatically cause excess fat to be stored. The truth is, if you train at night you would be crazy NOT to eat afterwards, because on a biochemical level your body was just primed to:

1) get a saturating dose of Leucine (one of the BCAA’s) AND the other essential amino acids to magnify muscle protein synthesis. A saturating dose is 3 grams of leucine, which can be reached with 30-grams of whey protein or about 40 grams lean meat, like chicken, or fish (beef maybe you’ll need a bit more). 2) You do not need carbohydrates post workout, but again the metabolic state post workout is optimal for preferentially driving glucose (from carbs) into muscle tissue, INSTEAD of fat tissue. A good rule of thumb is to keep post workout carb intake to roughly the same level as protein. A good range is 30-50 grams of protein and carbs post training and allowing for another 20-30% of energy to come from fat (this would be say 5-10 grams of fat).