same foods

vince,Is it ok to continually eat the same foods day after day? I dont mind,saves on time and prep,not sure if im missing out on something though.

I have consulted thousands of athletes on their individual nutrition plan and can say that the norm is NOT to have much variety, but instead eat pretty much the same stuff every week. Further, I have not seen any scientific or anecdotal evidence that would suggest this is unhealthy, but their are certain requirements that must be met to perform your best.

My approach is to use supplements to build the the best nutrition plan possible, and fill in the rest with healthy foods I actually enjoy. For macronutrients, I rely on supplements to get the extra protein and healthy essential fatty acids I need every day. I also take a good multi-vitamin and separate multi mineral for micronutrient insurance. Then I fill in the rest of my diet with lean proteins and fiber containing carbs, and I am good as gold.

Put another way, just because you have lot’s of variety in your diet, does not mean it is optimal, in fact you are likely to miss your protein and healthy fatty acid targets simply due to individual food preferences, and the time it takes to cook.