havy weith

i do worck my body with difrrent way i found that working havily is my only option to get a great body but i m afraid about hurt my self .to close you to the probleme my weith is 80kg i can work my chest,back quadriceps usine dumbelle or barre 80kg it realy make me feel so so tired but it the only way to get big muscle ma quetion is can you advice me a programe that can make the tension on the muscle reduce !

While it is true that heavy weights otherwise known as “heavy loading” is very effective in building muscle and strength, more and more research is pointing to workload as the best way to build muscle size. Most experts agree that around 5 repetitions per set is considered heavy loading, while max loading is around 3 reps. If you really feel heavy loading is best for your muscle fiber genetics, then I would suggest focusing more on the negative portion (when you lower the weight) of each rep, which allows you to get maximal mechanical stress with slightly lower weights. With this protocol I suggest lightening the weights so you do between 6-8 reps per set, and try to do 5 sets per exercise/target muscle. This will give you excellent loading, with enough of a workload to build tons of muscle, while also helping to save your connective tissue, which is what gets “hurt” when you constantly lift heavy loads.