DB Press or flyes?

According to effect. What is the difference between dumbell press and dumbell flyes? Also please tell me what would b better after incline press;incline dumbell or incline fly? same question for flat bench press

A: The main differences between dumbbell presses and flyes are as follows. Firstly, presses are considered a multi-joint movement, meaning both the shoulder and elbow joints must both engage their attached muscles to lift the weight and therefore will stimulate more motor neurons. This is due to an ability to use heavier loads or weights. In general, you can put higher loads on the chest muscles with presses. However, because your triceps are involved at the elbow flexion, the chest muscles may not get fully loaded before your triceps give out, thus diminishing the load.

With flyes, your triceps are locked so that you are arching the bells (all 4) toward each other as if you were hugging a tree. The amount of weight may be lower with flyes, but the triceps should not be the limiting factor. Because of this, it is best to alternate doing presses before flyes for a few workouts, then switching to flyes then presses for a few workouts, to fully stimulate the chest area.

That said, you should not do incline press and then dumbbell presses as these are essentially the same movement. Do flyes instead.

On another note, decline presses with a barbell or dumbbell have been shown to recruit more motor neurons that stimulate both upper and overall pectoral development. This is due to leverage, whereas you should be able to lift more weight in the decline than presses on a regular flat bench or on an incline (45-degrees is best). The decline movement feels odd at first, but after a bit of practice you’ll find that it can be a valuable addition to your overall chest program.


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