from fat loss to muscle gain

I followed the diet and workout regimen given by Muscle and Fitness in the 6 Week Abs article and am very happy with the results. I was happy to experience fat loss without muscle loss. As a result my overall weight (175 lbs.) has stayed about the same, I just have a harder more toned body after six weeks. My ultimate goal is to gain 10 lbs. of lean muscle and end up at a lean 185 lbs. At 19% body fat, I could still stand to lose just a small amount of body fat. Would you recommend I continue with the limited calorie and carb intake of the 6 Week Ab regimen or can I start increasing my calories and carbs (clean carbs, of course) on a lean muscle building program and expect my muscle gain to burn the last bit of body fat?

I don’t recommend staying on low calories or really low carbs for more than 6-8 weeks—at which time you should make changes. The reason is so your body does not become more sensitive to energy intake, especially carbs. If you increase carbs I would say you can do so with a simultaneous increase in protein. In other words, your increase in calories should come from equal amounts of proteins and carbs.

I would also suggest adding 2 sets of 8-10 reps to the training sessions for each bodypart. The increase in protein/carb plus a slight increase in training volume should cause a spurt in lean muscle gain and fat loss.

See me again in 6-8 weeks…