AM Work Out Meal Plan

Most of what I find online is geared towards everyone who works out after work, I am looking for a lean mass gain plan to follow for those of us who wake up and are at the gym by 5:30, any suggestions?

The meal plans geared for people who workout after work can be used for those who workout in the AM. Here is what you ned to keep in mind:

You can eat before you train, but since it is so early you may want to simply have a small protein shake and an apple to make you feel just a bit more energetic. This will NOT diminish any fat loss effects, in fact it may enhance them.

If you can train on an empty stomach then go for it.

The most critical meal is post workout of which you need fast acting protein high in branch chain amino acids—especially leucine. The best best is whey protein and about 25-30 grams is what the science says does the trick. Also, don’t forget to add slower acting proteins into your post workout meal, or if not, get a whole food mel in within 3 hours after you train.