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hi am, josian: and i have a question for you: i want to workout 3 times per week like, monday, wednesday and friday? can you show me a 3 day body split that i can do with dumbbells or barbells in those days? and please include in the 3 day body split a forearms, abs and calves workout too! thank you! your friend, josian.

A: With 3-days to train, like Monday, Wednesday and Friday, there a several options that will allow you to an excellent physique. I suggest you begin by doing full body workouts on these 3 training days. Once you do this for several weeks you can split your body into two workouts, and do them on alternate workout days. This allows you to progressively do more work, and also increase the amount of recovery days for maximum gains.

Here’s the full body plan.

Pick one exercise per major muscle group. The 9 majors are: Chest, Back, Quads, Hamstrings, Calves, Shoulders, Abs, Biceps and Triceps. Since you asked, we’ll add forearms, making it 10 muscle “groups’.

Pick one exercise per muscle group. After a warm up of 12-15 reps, perform 3-work sets per exercise. Rest no more than 60-seconds between sets. Always shoot for weights that allow you to do 6-12 reps. Don’t be afraid to add or remove weight if you don’t hit the target rep range. ONLY counts sets in the target rep range.

Sample Exercises are:

1-Leg press 2-hamstring curls 3-Dumbbell chest presses 4-Front pulley pulldowns with bar touching chest and back arched in contracted position 5-Wide grip barbell upright rows 6-Seated calf raises 7-Seated Bicep Dumbbell curls 8-Tricep pulley pushdowns 9-Reverse Curls 10-Flat bench leg lifts (abs)

You should always switch the order of the exercises to increase the variation and therefore the stress put on each muscle. If you have a weak bodypart, do it towards the beginning of the workout, when you’re fresh.

It’s a good idea to stay on this plan for at least 4-weeks, and up to 8, then we can go to a split routine.

On the split you simply put all upper body movements on one day, and all lower body, plus abs on the other. At this point pick two exercises per muscle group and perform 4 work sets per exercise.

These two programs should keep you progressing for as long as you want, plus it is ideal for a busy person.

Drop me a line and let me know how this works at; vince@vandrich.com

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