Fix my diet plan

I am 37 yrs old, 6" and weigh 195 lbs. I’ve been weight training for 5 years now. I split train 4 days per week with about 12-15 sets per day around noontime. I want to increase or maintain my muscle mass while loose the remaining fat around by abdominal area (don’t we all right?). I would like your advice on how to improve my diet. Here is my typical daily meal plan on a workout day…

Breakfast: Bowl of Kashi Crunch cereal w/ skim milk Pre-Workout: 20 grams whey protein with Apple or bannana Post-Workout: 50 grams GNC’s AMP Muscle Meal Afternoon Meal: 6oz chicken breast w/brocolli Dinner: 6oz Salmon w/asparagus Bedtime snack: cup of low fat cottage cheese and 2-3 tablespoons of Smart Balance peanut butter

A: For your weight, it seems you don’t eat enough. I would add 20-grams of protein to breakfast, and 2-3 extra ounces of chicken/salmon to each of those meals respectively. Also, make sure you are doing 6-12 reps per set to really tax the muscle fibers and energy storage systems when you train each muscle group. As a guide; with an average of 8-reps per set you need over 40-reps per body part to subject it to enough training volume to build muscle and become/stay leaner.

Drop me a line; and let me know how this works. Best to you, Vince