a diabetic who wants to get a bigger built

I am 33 years olds and diabetic. I would like to know if there is anything I can take to get a bigger built. I lift 4 to 5 times a week for an 1 hour each time.

A: As long as you are being treated properly for your diabetes, there is no “secret” formula for getting bigger that differs from others who are as dedicated as you appear to be. That said, there is one key variable that helps everyone who is weight training to improve muscle size and reduce bodyfat. That variable is protein, and the problem is most people don’t know how much they eat each day, or they are not consistant. My recommendation for protein is to eat at least 1.25 grams for each pound of lean bodyweight you have right now. So if you are 165—lbs with 15% bodyfat, you have 140 pounds of lean body mass. This means you should be getting 175 grams of high quality, lean protein per day. In 4 meals this is about 43 grams per meal, and to make things easy, your carb intake should be set at that same exact number. Assuming you are weight-training properly, if you adhere to this plan your muscle gains should improve, without adding unwanted bodyfat.


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