Better Option

Hello Vince, I was wondering if you can help give me a clearer perspective on my two options of a major for college, Exercise Physiology with a concentration in exercise science and Nutrition with a concentration in dietetics. I will also be pursuing a certification as a personal trainer. What do you think would work better with being a personal trainer because each degree could work fine I think.

 -Thank you, Mike

Mike, You’re right, both will work fine. However, as a personal trainer, I’d say exercise physiology/exercise science is a better fit. If your love is athletics/sports training I think you’ll be able to learn enough on your own to run with most of the University taught nutritionists/dietitians. No offense to those with these credentials, as many are great. I’ve personally found that the best of these folks go out to the PhD level or take much more biochemistry to be truly knowledgable.