How important is the 5 meal thing

I only have time to eat 2-3 times per day. hwo important is the 5 day thing. Help

The recommendation that 5 or so meals per day is better than “3-squares” is great, but only if you can do it. I’d say it is better to optimize the 3 meals you do find time for, before you worry about eating more meals. A good start is to get equal amounts of protein and carbs at each meal, and try and plan one meal within 2 hours after training. If you find yourself having to overeat because you only “have time” for 2-3 meals, I suggest you find time for 1-2 more. Recent research has shown that “overeating” can be as simple as going over 60g grams of carbs per meal, unless you are extremely active. Eating like this may simply enhance fat storage which is a great reason to get your proteins, carbs and fats in smaller amounts, by eating more than 3 squares.