Hey Zane: Can you share a list of the things you have done to optimize your health?

Zane:  Sounds like you were faced with a big life challenge, and took the bull by the horns and made lots of changes to optimize your health.  Can you share with us what those changes were, as there are likely wisdom nuggets for all of us.

Thanks - dave

Thanks for your question, Dave. It’s difficult to pinpoint specific changes. It was more of a change in my lifestyle and mindset. I forced myself to start viewing life more optimistically and focusing on the positive externalities of my behavior. The biggest factor in my success was my willingness to accept the subtle changes I was making and recognize that they’d add up to something big in the end, which they did! My “I=CAN” equation/attitude was a great way for me to systemically operationalize and approach daunting challenges in a simple and approachable manner. The key is to believe in yourself and have the will to keep pushing forward. Start with small changes and recognize your accomplishments and celebrate them! For me, it all started with small diet changes, which eventually led to occasionally gym visits, and then eventually ended in a lifestyle and career in health and fitness. I hope this helps!

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