Arm Workout 3

User Workout Submitted by Sebastian Stück

A simple workout focusing on short sets of explosiveness, to add pump to the muscles. It consists of a simple sample of workouts with a HIIT warm-up. 

The Tricep Extension should be done with a rope and 2 set of 25 from above and 2 sets of 25 from below.

Pull-ups are performed lying down;
 1 set, 10 rep, normal wide grip.
 1 set, 10 rep, normal close grip.
 1 set, 10 rep, reverse wide grip.
 1 set, 10 rep, reverse close grip. 

Seated Cable Row should be performed so that you start on a fairly easy level, then add about, 20% difficulty to the next one and add another 20% difficulty to the last one. It should work out so you end up on the last set pushing yourself to the limit to make the 10 reps.

Standing Bicep Curl should be done with your moderate level of weight.
Standing Cable Front Raise should be done with your moderate level of wieght.
Dumbbell Wrist Curl should be done with your 1RM. Change it up so you go from 15 inverted to 15 outverted, and then change hand. Start of with left.

If you believe in stretching methods, you can easily apply those afterwards, but they aren´t necessary.

*Rest periods should vary from 15-60 seconds, depending on the intensity of the exercise. 
*If the HIIT training is too hard for you to start on, try take a lot of carbohydrates all day to the point of working out, in order to build up a repository of energy that your body can consume when training.
*This workout plan is mainly focusing on upper-body and arm strength and should take approximately 45-60 min, depending on how much rest you need between the sets. 

Week 1

Day 1

Exercise Sets Reps Muscle Group
HIIT Cardio 1 1 Cardio
Sprints 1 3 Cardio
Standing Cable Triceps Extension Both Arms 4 25 Arms
Pull-Up 4 10 Back
Seated Cable Row 3 10 Back
Standing Bicep Curl Barbell Both Arms 3 12 Arms
Standing Cable Front Raise Both Arms 2 15 Shoulders
Barbell Wrist Curl 2 15 Arms