Arm assault!

User Workout Submitted by Zane Hadzick

When I first began training, my arms were one of my weakest points and therefore seriously lagging behind my other body parts.  This simple, yet challenging, workout really helped fully develop my biceps and triceps. Give it a try!

For optimal results, make certain that you are taking in more calories than you expend, get ample rest (7 - 8 hours), focus on proper form (including the negative portion of the lift), and push yourself to your limit! It's very beneficial to have a spotter for this workout.

Begin this routine with a light set of warm-up curls, close grip push-ups, and some stretching.

Perform the routine with 45 - 60 seconds rest periods between sets.  This really helps facilitate blood flow to the muscle and ensures a great pump!  The workout routine ends by super-setting the bicep ladder and close grip push ups to really exhaust your biceps and triceps. 

Week 1

Day 1

Exercise Sets Reps Muscle Group
Standing Bicep Curl Barbell Both Arms 4 12,12,10,8 Arms
Laying On Bench Bar Triceps Extension Both Arms 4 12,12,10,8 Arms
Seated On Bench Bicep Curl Dumbbell Alternating Arms 4 12,12,10,8 Arms
Barbell Close Grip Bench Press with bands 2 10,10 Chest
Reverse Grip Barbell Bench Press 2 10,10 Chest
One Arm Dumbbell Preacher Curl 4 12,12,10,8 Arms
Barbell Reverse Grip Wrist Curl 4 10,10,8,8 Arms
Dumbbell Overhead Triceps Extension Both Arms 4 10,10,8,8 Arms
Biceps Ladder 3 15,15,15 Arms
Superset with 0 0 TIPS
Close Grip Push Ups 3 20,20,20 Chest
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