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Classic Leg Strike Practice: with your arms in front of the board and only your legs moving

Classic Leg Strike Practice: with your arms in front of the board and only your legs moving

For both beginners and professionals: These 5 training elements should include every swim unit. And now: on your marks, finished - wet.

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Heat up

At the edge of the pelvis: 2 minutes arm circles (opposite left and right arm, co-ordinates coordination), stretch the shoulder muscles. 200 meters easy to swim in (any position).

Technology part

Three exercises to optimize water position, arm pull and leg stroke.

One-armed crawl: trains your feeling to pull away from the water. Alternate one track with right, one with left pull, the passive arm stretch consistently forward.

Swing Off: Improves the stretch and glide phases. Pull with one arm, the other is in front. The active arm deflects the passive at the front, this initiates the next Armzug.

Float with Brett: Optimizes the footwork. Extend your arms, hold on to the board, move your legs.

Shortness of breath training

Strengthens the muscles involved in breathing and increases your lung volume: 200 meters swim pyramid, all 2/3/4/5/4/3/2 trains breathing.

Main series

For example: crawl 8x100 meters (each 30 seconds break), at 1./3./5/7. Sometimes with 70 to 80 percent of the performance, at 2./4./6. with 90 percent, the last then full load.


100 meters, loose in the supine position (so you absorb a lot of oxygen).

Training plan swimming

You want to get started right away? Here is an exemplary workout plan for a swim unit:

Distance: Altogether 2000 meters (for beginners / intermediate level) or 2800 meters (for advanced level)

1. Swim in

200 meters (300 meters for advanced), after each turn deliberately long slide

(Arms stretched forward, hands on top of each other, strong kick of the legs)

2. Technique exercises

1st part: 7x (10x for advanced) 50 meters with 45 (30 for advanced) seconds break. The 50 meter units in detail:

  1. Hin: only pull the right arm, the left one remains stretched forward; back vice versa
  2. 2 right arm, 2 left, 2 right etc.
  3. swimming with spread fingers
  4. swim with clenched fists
  5. Board or pull kick between the legs, only arm pull
  6. Swinging off (pull with one arm, the other is in front.) The active arm beats off the passive one at the front, this one initiates the next arm pull).
  7. 3 arms left, 3 right, 3 left etc.
  8. (For advanced) do not breathe the last 2 armstrings before and 2 breaths after the turn
  9. (For advanced) tee-off swimming with paddles
  10. (For advanced) Hin: only pull the right arm, the left one stays stretched forward; back reversed - with paddles on the hands and board between the legs

2nd part: 4x (6x for advanced) 25 meters crawl leg kick, each 30 (20) second break (arms stretched on a board or pull kick lay, only kick)

3rd breath training

200 (300 for advanced) Meter Pyramid: breathe every 2/3/4/5/6/5/4/3/2 Arms

4th main part

Afterwards: 4 x 25 meters full load, 1 minute each break (important: swim through full throttle until the end, do not run to the end)

5. Float

250 meters very loose (100 of them in supine position)


The goal of swimming is to master the element of water and to move in it. As a recreational sport and relaxation option, swimming for professional athletes is always about setting new time records with different techniques. Useful information about swimming and interesting facts can be found here.

 The overweight of children is often the reason that they suffer from later illnesses. 

Through swimming, the human being can move purposefully in the water. The body and limbs are moved differently depending on the type of swimming (chest, back, crawling, butterfly, etc.). Swimming is one of the healthiest leisure activities and especially suitable for the overweight. The buoyancy in the water protects the body from external effects. The stress on the joints and bones is minimal and the risk of injury to other endurance sports is very low. And best of all, you feel light in the water like a feather.

Swimming is the perfect way to lose weight, but which customer success can be achieved with swimming? Although you feel much lighter on your own than on land, every movement makes a great effort for the body. Water is about 800 times more dense than air, depending on the temperature. Accordingly strenuous operation is in the cool wet. Swimming means a high calorie consumption. A light swim training can melt about 500 kilocalories per hour. If you practice more intense training you can easily get to about 700 kilocalories.

But swimming is not just about losing weight. The movement in the pelvis also leads to a tighter musculature. The high resistance ensures that all muscles of the body are stressed and trained while swimming. By the continuous muscle building during swimming, the calorie burning is driven even after the actual activity. General fitness is also positively influenced.

Swim yourself - studies show that swimming regularly keeps you young. The cognitive abilities and blood pressure values ​​of passionate swimmers are significantly younger than usual for biological age. Even in old age you should therefore draw with regularity his tracks. Also suitable for stress relief is swimming. Swimming training leads to a kind of meditative relaxation. The movement in the water provides a degree of freedom and can lead to physical and mental satisfaction.

In order to get as much health benefit as possible from exercise, it is best to swim a certain distance (about 300 to 500 meters) in one go. As a beginner, however, one should slowly approach larger distances.

Week 1

Day 1

Exercise Sets Reps Muscle Group
Active Recovery - 30-45 Minutes 3 5 Cardio
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