Anthony Almada - Sports Nutrition Expert

Anthony L. Almada

Anthony started working in a health food store in 1975, driven by his hunger for knowledge about nutrition and performance. He obtained a BSc in Physiology from California State University, Long Beach. He obtained his MSc in Nutritional & Exercise Biochemistry from Berkeley. In 1989 he introduced vanadyl sulfate to sports nutrition. In 1990 he created the “thermogenic” category of dietary supplements. In 1992 he co-founded EAS, which pioneered creatine monohydrate and evidence-based performance nutrition in North America. He led the company’s university research program, completing over 15 university-based clinical studies in the first 3 years of the company’s history, and yielding 2 issued patents.

In 2004 pharmaceutical/medical foods company Abbott/Ross purchased EAS for $324M. Almada co-founded a medical food company focused on the prevention of HIV-associated muscle wasting. He has collaborated on over 95 university and private research nutrition intervention clinical trials. He is the President of, a think tank focusing upon nutritional technologies. He is the President and CEO of, an evidence-based performance nutrition company. He is the President and CEO of, innovators & marketers of taste-free, caffeine-containing food products.

Almada has been quoted in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Business Week, and Forbes, been interviewed on CNBC TV about drugs and sport, and is on several trade, consumer, and professional scientific journal editorial boards.


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