Strength In Numbers!

Nov 12, 2013
User Article Submitted by Zane Hadzick
Strength In Numbers!

A short article about building community and support at the gym.

Often times I hear fitness models, bodybuilders, and everyday gym-rats say that they ignore everyone while at the gym and focus on their workout. While I do agree with focusing on your form, workout, and giving it your all, I strongly disagree with the notion of ignoring the other members in the gym. I view it as an excellent opportunity to help others and learn from them as well. Moreover, being sociable creates a sense of accountability! From my own experience, I find myself working harder in the gym to be a positive role model for others. If other gym members come to me asking questions, seeking guidance, or looking for inspiration I surely don’t want to let them down. Often times, that is what allows me to dig deep and get that one extra rep at the end of an exhausting set – knowing others are watching you, rooting for you, and wanting you to succeed!

It doesn’t take that much time to smile and say hello to someone, or answer a quick question between a set. You can also politely let them know you have to do a quick set before chatting. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up completely changing someone’s life by answering a few questions. I know that I have had numerous people say that they sincerely value and appreciate my willingness to help others and my approachable personality, and I know that it helps me push myself harder in the gym when there are people looking up to me.

So next time you think about blowing people off to focus on yourself, and your workout,
please consider that by being personable you may not only help someone else, but also help yourself.

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