big shoulders

I want to get big shoulders. The round ones you see from the front that look really wide. Are there any exercises that target that area specifically?

There are definitely exercises that target the medial deltoid to make your shoulders look rounder and wider. Train your deltoids by using the single arm dumbbell lateral raise or use a lateral raise machine. Use moderate weight for these exercises and perform 15-20 reps. Jim Stoppani actually has a video on his RAW series that explains the Leaning Lateral Raise (Video #59). To add size to the shoulder, you can also perform behind-the-neck presses. Exercise caution when performing the movement as heavy weight and improper form can lead to injury. Make sure you can perform 8-12 reps with the weight that you choose for the behind-the-neck press. Another missing piece in the width of your shoulders may be in training your rear deltoids, lats and obliques. Train your rear delts by doing some reverse flyes and face pulls. You can also see a demo of the Face Pull on Jim Stoppani’s RAW series (Video #70). Do pull ups and lat pull downs for your lats. And lastly, make sure you train your obliques. By training the medial delts, rear delts, lats and obliques, you will give the appearance of wider, rounder shoulders in contrast to a slim and trim waistline. Train hard and good luck!