not getting any results

I’m 34 yr olf female (5'3, 120 pds) my goal is to get nice muscular sexy legs. I’ve been working out for a long time, but for the past year have decided to get my legs where I’ve always wanted them to be. I lift pretty heavy, 4 sets of 10-12. I used to do one leg workout a week which included everything..leg press, hack squat, sumo dead lifts, stiffed leg dead lifts, leg ext, leg curls, lunges. didnt see much result so I have now for the past 6 weeks added another leg day. so I now do hams\glutes on Monday and thighs\quads on Thurs. STILL not much results… I also have taken up running for the past year.. 3 times a week 3-4 miles each time. Could the running prevent the muscular growth and look I’m wanting to achieve ? I have read that most weight trainers have a “no running” policy because it eats away at the muscle they are trying to grow… is this true ? cause I’m about as frustrated as can be and dont know how much harder I could work.

Please help ! Amy

Hey Amy! Sounds like you work pretty hard in the gym! In response to the running question, long distance running is not conducive to muscle growth. Try some sprints instead of doing the 3-4 miles. Get out on the track and sprint some 30yd., 50yd., and 100yd.sprints. Start out with doing 4-100yd. sprints. Go as hard as you can on each of them. Allow for a 1 minute rest between sprints. On another running day, sprint the 30yd. sprint forward and backward. Do this 5 times, allowing for a 1 minute rest between sprints. For the 50yd. sprints, do 10 of them with a 1 minute rest. With regard to your lifting, your schedule is good. Two times a week is fine for your legs, but for your heavy lifting, go heavy on your squats and sumo dead lifts. Try the front squat as well. Do 4 sets of 3-5 reps. As for your leg press, hack squat, leg ext, and leg curls, bump your reps up to 15-20. Also, with these exercises, you can safely play around with foot angles and rep tempo to really emphasize different areas of the legs. Lastly, on the stiff leg deadlifts and lunges it sounds like your reps and sets are good. Maybe mix in some step ups and good mornings in lieu of your lunges and stiff leg deadlifts. A little variety can make a huge difference in your results! For more info on the step ups and good mornings, check out my video series “POWER UP.” Train hard, Amy!